A Game Sportsplex in Franklin, TN is a great facility for volleyball, basketball & hockey. Reagan’s been playing in the volleyball league for the past few weeks and had her best day ever today.

Reagan’s on a team that’s at a disadvantage compared to the other teams in her league. Most of the other teams were girls that have played together before & some even come with their regular coach. Reagan’s team was made up of the other girls so none had played together before. I think most of her team were like Reagan in that they didn’t have hardly any experience (Reagan had never really touched a volleyball before 6 months ago).

Anyway, it was the last day of the season & her volleyball team hasn’t won a game all season. They play 2 matches every Saturday & had lost every match 2 games to zip. Many of the games were lopsided 21-9 type scores.

In the first game, they were down 20-18. Reagan’s team scored & she moved to serve @ 20-19. (They had NEVER been this close to winning a game.) Her whole team & the stands were excited but Reagan had missed both of her 2 prior serves. If her serve didn’t go in, the other teams gets a point & the game would be over. Sandra & I were on pins & needles as she served. (Please let her serve be in, please let her serve be in, please let …) Bop! A perfect serve AND the other team didn’t return it! SCORE! 20-20. That honestly could have been the highlight of the season for her parents but she served again & they SCORED! Reagan’s up 21-20. She missed her 3rd serve but the Purple Sparks team went on to win 23-21! Team parents, the girls & the coach all celebrated the 1st & only win of the year.

Sandra’s Uncle Randall & Aunt Anita met us at A Game Sportsplex for the 2nd game. They missed Reagan’s win but they got to hear all about it… several times I think.

2 Responses to “Volleyball at A Game Sportsplex”

  1. reagan says:

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU got that wrong!my 3rd serve WENT I N! it’s just the other team hit it and we didnt get it over!then their serve didn’t go over and claire(r best server) was serving and she got it over 2ce and the other team didn’t hit it back the 1st time but the 2nd time they did but we got it over!!!!!!so THERE!!!!

  2. reagan says:

    u got most of it wrong dad! so there!

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