Baby Boy Jones News

He’s here!
Trent is 8#3oz. 20.5inches. Born at 2:21pm.

Baby pictures are online in the Baby Pictures Gallery. Or you can see the whole day in the Image Gallery.

Everybody’s doing great.

Sandra’s at 10cm & just had her meds increased. So we’re optimisitic that it’s getting close.

Contractions have already increased in regularity & intensity.

Dr. Dunn just stopped in. Sandra’s at 5cm. They increased the pitocin to increase the contractions. So we’re just waiting. Sandra just said she’d read that you should take cards or magazines to the hospital. But all her deliveries are too fast for anything like that. Hmm, maybe we should have brought something.

I suggested that I could get lunch at PF Chang’s for lettuce wraps. It’s just a couple blocks away… I went to the cafateria instead.

No news. The nurses have told her she’s making progress but it doesn’t look like we’ll have a baby by noon. They do point out that a 3rd baby can come real quick.

Just had a nurse check on Sandra. Not much to report. Noon might be optimistic as we’re 10 days before our due date.

We made it to the hospital. Everything’s fine so far. Dr Dunn showed up & labor started at 9am. Kendall showed up in 3 hours so we’re guessing we’ll deliver around noon. A couple pictures added in the Image Gallery.

The baby boy is due Thursday morning, June 5. You’ll be able to see pictures of him as soon as Sandra lets me dial in from the hospital. If all goes according to plan, there will be pictures in the image gallery by late afternoon.

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