With the entire family here for Thanksgiving, we cooked 2 turkeys on the Weber grill. In the past, I’ve always used my electric smoker to come up with a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, the smoker was on the fritz this year so I had to make a last minute change of outdoor cooking plans. Here’s how it went:

7am: Got up to prepare the 2 turkeys for the smoker. Set them out & went to get the smoker started. I blew about an hour trying to make it work bu the smoker was pretty much dead so I started working on the new plan.

8am: Fired up my Weber Silver Genesis Grill. I’ve got a great remote controlled smoker thermometer that has 2 leads. Placed the grill probe inside the Weber & began trying to control the temperature as low as possible.

Turkeys had been warming up toward room temperature in the kitchen. I washed them & patted dry. I tucked the wings behind the turkey & carried them to the grill.

9am: Turkeys on the Weber! Finally making some progress. I’m keeping the temperature inside the grill around 300 but it’s a struggle to keep the temp constant.

10am: Internal temperature of the turkeys is moving pretty slow so I bump up the grill temp to 325-ish.

11am: Grill temp went back down to about 300 & the internal temp isn’t going as well as I want. Getting concerned about making the noon deadline for Thanksgiving dinner. Will we have grilled turkey or will we need to call Domino’s Pizza?

11:50: Internal temperature of the turkey is measuring 159 in the breast so I’m taking it off to rest. The temp should continue to rise while the juices settle.

12:10: Breast temperature is reading 165 just like I wanted. The grilled turkey is really looking fantastic! Maybe the best looking turkey I’ve done ever.

12:20: Carving the turkey. The outer meat is super delicious, moist & tender. The deeper inside I get, the more I worry that it should have cooked a little longer.

1:15: Everybody’s fat & happy. There was plenty of turkey but we ended up saving the deep, inside meat for leftovers. They’ll get microwaved & cooked some more.

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