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I’ve always liked my name. A little unique although I’ve run into a nice handful of other Rosses out there. But almost never a Ross Jones.

When we moved to Nashville in 1994, we started getting phone calls for a local High School coach also named Ross Jones. Guess I was had a better ranking in the phone book. Anyway, I’ve been getting more curious about just how many people withe the Ross Jones name are out there. So I’ve put together a compilation of all the references to Ross Jones that I can find on the web. There’s quite a bit more than I imagined.

Here they are:

Ross Jones – Baseball
This Ross Jones was drafted by the LA Dodgers in 1980. My subpage links to a site that gives all of his batting and fielding statistics as well as his transaction activity in the past.

Ross Jones – Australian Economist
A brilliant Australian economist, Ross Jones has been appointed Commissioner of the Australian Competition and Commerce Commission. The site I’ve linked to includes a brief bio of Ross Jones.

Ross Jones – John Hopkins
Johns Hopkins University has named a building after Ross Jones. My subpage links to a PDF which details the NSF Review Site Visit held in that building.

Marti Ross Jones – Novelist
Marti Ross Jones is a novelist published through Leisure books. She lives in Pensacola, Fla. with her husband and three children.

Ross Jones – Australian Prudential
Deputy Chairman of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, Ross Jones, responds to criticism that his office is not supervising $330 billion in Australian retirement funds properly. Includes a picture of the Australian Ross Jones.

Ross Jones – Movie Character
A character in the movie fatigue who doesn’t talk much but is the man to see if you need firearms. According to the site, “If he’s not out shooting someone, he’s probably supplying firearms to some terrorist organization.”

Very Reverend Ross Jones
The Very Reverend S. Ross Jones is Dean of St. George’s College in Jerusalem. He writes political articles that reference passages from the Bible.

Ross Jones on Coral
ARC Senior Research assistant Ross Jones focuses on “the biology of the coral-algal symbiosis and how the relationship changes during conditions of stress.” This site talks about his research and his background. It also gives a few articles that may be of interest to Ross Jones fans or marine biologist.

Ross GeoScience Jones
Applying for a Master of Sciences degree in geosciences, Ross Jones wrote a thesis presented to the faculty at New York University at Albany about the structural geology of the northern Galice Formation, western Klamath Mountains in Oregon and California. “Fundamental conclusions obtained in this study are:
1) The Galice Formation is tightly folded on both outcrop and regional scales.
2) There is a north-to-south increase in Nevadan regional metamorphic grade and penetrative strain. This gradient may reflect a small southward component of underthrusting along the Orleans fault.
3) Nevadan vergence from folds and thrusts in the Galice is dominantly northwestward.
4) Most Nevadan thrusting in the Galice took place after the main-phase penetrative deformation and peak metamorphism. This ductile-to-brittle transition may have resulted from continued underthrusting during regional uplift.”

Avalon Hill Ross
Ross Jones likes to play board games with the Avalon Hill Reliability, Experience, and Ability. This is a listing of Ross Jones’ scoring and ranking in his competition in various board games.

Ross Jones – Local Hero
A former member of the Goulburn Murray Landcare Network, this site says goodbye to Ross Jones who is moving to the coast. The site details Ross’s accomplishments as a Landcare facilitator.

Denke Family Ross Jones
This is a page from a family tree. Ross Jones married into the Denke family, but they did not have any children.

Tennis Instructor
Ross Jones co-authored a book “Tennis-The Swedish Way” and has coached royalty in Europe. He is one of the best tennis instructors on the continent.

The Ross Jones Test
The Ross Jones test is “a test for an excess of globulin in the cerebrospinal fluid.”

Racing Ross Jones
Driving a Chevrolet, Ross Jones races cars professionally. Unfortunately, he doesn’t qualify very often.

Ross Jones RIP 2000
An obituary for the deceased Ross Jones. He was a powerful voice for the union at the former state department of social services in Albany, NY. He died in December, 2000 from complications of diabetes.

Dental Ross
If in Australia, contact this Ross Jones for dental care.

Coach Ross Jones
One of the most successful collegiate pitching coaches, Ross Jones coaches for the Florida Gators. Prior to his stint in Florida, he coached Vanderbilt. He was drafted out of high school by the Texas Rangers, and enjoyed a successful minor league career. Too bad he’s a Gator.

Got Weeds? The Ross Jones Scholarship
The family of Ross Jones awards a memorial scholarship at the University of Guelph to a graduating student demonstrating the greatest potential in weed science.

New Section on my site, yes, it’s true
After neglecting the site for weeks, I’ve finallt written some new material for the site. Check out my comparison of dvd rental sites GameZnFlix & NetFlix. You might be surprised at my conclusions.

Copyright © Thanks, Nick

23 Responses to “Ross Jones”

  1. Ross Jones says:


    Really strange that I found you while googling our common name. When looking into your site I found we have a similar immediate family make up. I am married and have a son named Trent born on June 2nd 1995. I also have 2 daughters, Audrey and Brooke. I live in the Houston area and work for Airgas in an exectutive position. How often does something like this occur? You’re correct about are name. Not many Ross Jones’ out there. I just happen to have a middle name that is considered a last name too “Carter” which helps to keep us seperated. I hope all is well with your family and that these economic times haven’t hit to hard.

  2. Ross Jones says:

    Funny the things you find when you google your own name.
    Im one more Ross Jones for the list, im a musician from Auckland in little old New Zealand. And im not alone, my local phone book has 7 more Ross Jones’s aswell.
    Hope all of you other Ross’s are doing well.

  3. Ross jones says:

    What up Ross Jones’s awesome t meet yall. im a musicians from Ireland just sayin hi to everyone. like wise never met another one

  4. Ross jones says:

    what up Ross Jones’s. im a musician from ireland never met another RJ awesome theres a web site tho keep up the good work.

  5. ROSS JONES! says:


  6. ross Jones says:

    I’m from Quebec City, Canada. I thought I was the only ross jones in North America. I now see ortherwise. I played my junior hockey in Victoriaville, Quebec. I also sang in an orchestra called The Mustangs in the 60’s, after became a Canadian National Harbour Board Cop. I am now retired. It’s awesome to see i’m not alone.

  7. Ross Jones says:

    What a great website, I’ve also always liked your name, I mean my name, well our name…I have often received many compliments about charm and simplicity of my name. I am originally from Cardiff, Wales, but have lived in many places including France, some time Russia and now Switzerland and soon to be India! And no I’m not a spy.

    Also when in Russia I met the female Russia equivalent of “Ross Jones”, the name is “Katja Sokol” ….Sokol means Falcon, and in Russian it has the same charismatic content as Ross Jones does in English!

    So hello out there to all the Ross Joneses and Katja Sokols in the world.

    I was in Nashville Tennessee 5 years ago, if any of you guys and gals (one never knows there might well be a female Ross Jones out there somewhere!) happen to visit Switzerland or India, just let me know.

    Bye Ross Jones

  8. Ross Jones says:

    Actually what we need to do is find a film maker and create a film called “Ross Jones”….there is for sure something quite unique about this name!

  9. Ross Jones says:

    Well Hello to all of us. Family background is both Scotch Irish(mother) and Wales(father). Live in South Georgia just above Fla. Line. Retired Educator and now farm trees. Just love to watch them grow.

  10. Abby Jones says:

    Hi my brother found you site. My Dad was this Ross Jones:

    Ross Jones RIP 2000
    An obituary for the deceased Ross Jones. He was a powerful voice for the union at the former state department of social services in Albany, NY. He died in December, 2000 from complications of diabetes.

    Ross was a family name. This is an interesting endeavor- thanks for sharing it.

    Abby Jones

  11. niki says:

    Today would have been my grandfather, Ross Jones’, 91st birthday. While searching for his obit I came across your page. My grandfather was a great man. It’s a good name to share. 🙂

  12. Ross Jones says:

    G’day Ross

    Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for an interesting read, I did not know that there were so many famous Ross Jones’ out there. Funnily enough there are two in my family,not famous, I bear my uncles name. Caused some confusion at Christmas times, lol. Hence, to my relatives on that side of the family I am known as Ross Anthony.

  13. Terry Jones says:

    Well how fun and crazy to find the Ross Jones website! Our son is a Ross Jones and a profession you don’t yet have—-print maker, artist and tattoo professional. Just participated in a major show of prints of tattoo related art which will tour the U.S. Our background is America by way of the Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Australian—-looks like we’ve got some company out there! G’day, dia dhuit, and slainte to all you Rosses out there!

  14. ross jones says:

    Hi too all the ross jones’s im another to add to the list im from wales and am a welsh enduro motorcyclists champion … never knew there was so many ross jones’s and we all seem too be talented

  15. virginia davis says:

    I am looking for a Ross Jones who was the youngest of three daughters born to a pathologist in Anderson, SC—-Dr. Robert Jones. She had two older sisters Paige and Allison. I was their babysitter back in 1968-69. Maybe this will circulate the “Ross Jones” network and I can locate her and maybe her sisters. If the real Ross jones wants to get in touch, send me a friend request on Facebook to Virginia Bledsoe Davis. <3

  16. Ross Jones eric says:

    Hi everybody I’m also a ross jones I am French but my father was from great britain and he left this country a long time ago Amusing to see people everywhere in the world with the same name
    I’m a lawyer

  17. ross says:

    Hi every one, I’m Ross Jones, “

    great to see so many of us around!

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  22. Ross Jones says:

    Hello all the Ross Joneses. Another one here. Originally from Cardiff (like an earlier Ross Jones) and now based near Chester, UK. I’m fluctuating between despondent (that my name is so widely used) and bemused by how awesome it all is.

    We should have a conference or something 😉


  23. 私は本当にあなたの投稿を感謝しています。素晴らしいサイト!あなたがあなたのウェブサイトは、この偉大なを見せていただけでどのようにいくつかのヒントを私にメールすることができれば

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