Our baseball athlete Ross Jones was born January 14, 1960 in Miami Florida. He attended Miami University where he played college baseball.

Drafted in the first round of the 1980 MLB baseball draft by the Dodgers, Jones had a career full of transactions. In 1983, he was traded to the Mets who then released him in 1986. He then signed as a free agent with the Seattle Mariners who traded him to the Kansas City Royals for a minor leaguer Ricky Rojas. Then in 1987, Jones signed as a free agent with the Oakland Athletics where he finished his career.

His first two years in MLB baseball, Jones had only three hits. In 1987, he had nearly ten times that number-29. He holds a career batting average of .221. A right handed thrower, he started 36 games as a shortstop for the Royals and played second base for three games.

Other Notable Ross Jones

Ross Jones – Australian Economist
A brilliant Australian economist, Ross Jones has been appointed Commissioner of the Australian Competition and Commerce Commission. The site I’ve linked to includes a brief bio of Ross Jones.

Ross Jones – John Hopkins
Johns Hopkins University has named a building after Ross Jones. My subpage links to a PDF which details the NSF Review Site Visit held in that building.

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