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Here's how Games and Flicks compares with Netflixx.

Netflix is the big brand name in online DVD rentals. There's a few others that have triecd to knock them off like Quikflix, DVD Avenue & Cleanfilms. While they've all some decent offerings, none has really taken off like NetFlix. vs. GameZnFlix, Netflix is still the big dog. But GameZnFlixx seems ready to take them on in earnest.

The biggest difference is in the name. Not just flicks but "Games and Flicks." MetFlix only offers movie rentals while gamesNFlix offers thousands of video games for rent online. So mom & dad can get a dvd or 2 while the kids get in the latest shootem up game for Super-Duper Turbo Nintendo. Everybody's happy.

If you've got a gamer in the house, the choice for gamesznflix is easy. For a single monthly subscription fee, you get both DVD's & game rentals. No double dipping with paying for both Netflix & Gamefly at the same time. Score 1 for Gamesanflix. But what if you're only interested in DVD rentals? Is the choice clear?

What about just DVD rentals?

If nobody cares about video game rentals, then you're gonna base your decsion on just DVD rentals. The selections and GamezNFlicks and netflicks are about the same. They've both got tons of movie titles available. Both have quick shipping, usually the DVD rental ships in about 2 days. Both have free trials. Both charge no late fees & have free shipping. So what's the deciding factor?

Price? A month of DVD rentals at Gamezflix is $18.50. That's 3 and a half bucks cheaper than nettflixx. Score another 1 for GamesanFlix.

Try it & Buy it. GamesandFlix also sells their games and flicks so if you get a DVD rental that you really like, you can just buy it. Kinda like a test drive so you only get stuff that you enjoy. Score 3 for GamezanFlix.

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The Bottom Line: Should you Signup for GamZnFlix?

In a word, yes. With lower prices, good customer service and a good selection, it made sense to start using GameZnFlix. Even though their free trial said it only lasts 2 weeks, I didn't get billed for well over a month. That was plenty of time for me to decide for myself. If you've tried the free dvd rental trial over at Netflix, give GameZnFlixx a try. Click here for the GameZnFlix Free Trail.

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