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Review of GameSnFlix DVD & Game Rental Website -

Signup at GameZ N Flix was painless. There was a quick 3 step process.

Enter email address & select a password. The 2nd step was to enter your address & pick a plan (I chose the cheapest for $18.50/month). Then you enter your credit card info & you're done. Would have been nice if they had told me ahead of time that there were only 3 steps. And there could have been an option to save me from retyping my credit card address since I'd already entered it for my shipping address. At the end, I got a welcome message that told me in no uncertain terms that the military discount I just signed up for was only for military personnel & I would be prosecuted if I had signed up fraudulently. Holy crap! All I'd done was follow a link I saw over at a while back. I'm guessing it set a cookie that used the military promo code. Geeze, how was I to know that's what the m34r29-a promo code was? I figured it was just some promo code that gets entered automatcially to make me feel good. (Which, by the way, I think is a pretty good idea. Nothing I hate more than seeing a field for a promo or discount code & feeling like a sucker for not having one.)

Ok, so now I'm logging in. I like sites that use your email address as your password since it seems like I've got 4 million usernames & passowrds already.

The screen I get unpon loggin into GamesandFlix is nice & straight forward. At top, a featured movie & a featured game. There's a list of top dvd rentals & top game rentals. Don't really see why they use so much real estate to stack rent & buy buttons under the movie image. And I don't think they really need to stick the title, description, movie category, main actors and director all on this qucik list. It would have made more sense to me if they dropped the category, actors & directors from the list, that would free up space to unstack the Rent & Buy buttons. And that would let them list the movies in about 30% less space. I'd rather see a quick list of more top dvd's than such extensive info on this page. Give me a link I can click on for more info that takes me to all that extra stuff if I want to read. I'd think that most of the time, people renting or buying a movie online already have an idea of what they want.

NetFlix had a little better setp on the quick list where they show a consumer rating of the movie.

Buying a DVD Online at GameSnFlix

I've got to say the deal for buying a dvd online at gamesnflix was a nice idea. If you rent a dvd that you want to keep, just buy it.

I also looked at buying a ddv directly from the site. Everything looked pretty straight forward, except the shipping and handling fee. I mean , they can rent dvds & games, ship them to me & ship them back, all with no shipping & handling charges. But then they want to ding me for $3.50 if I want to buy it? Ok, so I guess I'll stick to renting their stuff for now.

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The Bottom Line: Should you Signup for GamZnFlix?

In a word, yes. With lower prices, good customer service and a good selection, it made sense to start usning GameZnFlix. Even though their free trial said it only lasts 2 weeks, I didn't get billed for well over a month. That was plenty of time for me to decide for myself. If you've tried the free dvd rental trial over at Netflix, give GameZnFlixx a try.
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