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GameZnFlix DVD Rental Affiliate Program for Webmasters -

GameZnFlixx is offering an affiliate program at Commission Junction. It seems like a pretty good deal. While Netflix and Blockbuster offer a pretty decent deal for affiliates, GamesndFlix has come up with something better. And there's been quite a few sites that seem to be promoting it. Check here for a list.

The payout structure is a little better than the other players in this market. In the beginning, the NetFlixx & Blockbuster affiliate programs offer 1 thing that GamesZnFlix can't offer. Name recognition.

But the Games and Flicks guys have already shown they're gonna be a player. You don't just run out and get yourself a Super Bowl ad if you've not got some serious money behind you. Having Ben Curtis, the Dell Dude, as their spokesman really helps with their target market for the game rental crowd. Besides the Super Bowl ad, there are other TV commercials running during regular season NFL games and there were a few ads run around the Olympics. So the name recognitin is on the way.

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The Bottom Line: Should you Signup for the GamZnFlix Affiliate Program?

In a word, yes. With a website that just keeps getting better, a massive branding campiagn and the Super Bowl ad, these guys are gonna be a player in the DVD rental and video game rental market.
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