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Review of GameZnFlix DVD & Game Rental Online Service -

After giving NetFlix a try, I figured that I'd take a shot at the GameZnFlix deal for DVD rentals and game rentals.

Why Use GameZnFlix?

The Nettflix guys had been fine but I was hoping to save a few bucks as GameZnFlix had a better price. You can read more about this aspect on my GameZnFlix vs NetFlix page. Over there, I compare pricing on the 2 programs and comment on whether the difference is worth it.

GameZnFlix Rental Experience

So how was the overall DVD rental and game rental experience at GameZnFlix? Read my comments on my GameSnFlix page. I discuss the signup process, login steps, site layout & everything else you want to know before trying the Gameznflix DVD and Game rental service for yourself.

How do you Spell GamesAndFlicks?

So it's a cool site with a good deal, but who came up with that Gameznflix name? Doesn't exactly make it easy to type in. On my GameAndFlix page, we have a little fun with the spelling of their name.

Rent Games & Videos Online

The Bottom Line: Should you Signup for GamZnFlix?

In a word, yes. With lower prices, good customer service and a good selection, it made sense to start usning GameZnFlix. Even though their free trial said it only lasts 2 weeks, I didn't get billed for well over a month. That was plenty of time for me to decide for myself. If you've tried the free dvd rental trial over at Netflix, give GameZnFlixx a try.
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